To Live Like a Local!! Eat like one!!!

If you are wondering where you will get to experience authentic Qatari cuisine, then UMMA ABDUL AZEEZ in souq waqif is the place to go! This place is famed for its authentic home style cooking run by a Qatari women.It gives a casual and relaxed vibe decorated in the most colorful eye-catchy traditional textile.

Souq waqif might look overwhelming in the beginning but if you get used to it, you will find this place easily around the souvenir shop. The restaurant serves 11 dishes all at amazing price and of-course  tastes very delicious! If you have hard time understanding the menu then fear no more, this article will give you clear details of the local specialties.

Harees A creamy poridge made with lamb, which is popular ifthiar dish during Ramadan.


Margogah This is the star of the menu, Prepared by rolling the wheat flour into thin layers and cooked in a flavorful sauce with meat and vegetables.


Majboos  Another must try dish. The flavorful Arabian mixed rice cooked with lamb, tastes very similar to Indian briyani .


Balaleet vermicelli cooked with sugar, saffron, cardamom and cinnamon served with an omelette on top.


Makroona savory macaroni dish cooked in Qatari style sauce and spices.


Khanfaroosh This is a deep fried aromatic cakes with cardamom and saffron flavor, which is traditional dish served for special occasion in Arab homes.


Traditional Chickpea


* you can ask for small portion of 2 dish instead of 1 whole dish

on request they will serve the Qatari local pancake as well

Qatari Riyals 70 for two*




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