Arabian Twist!!

If you are bored of the same old mix grills and appetizers served in every Arabian platter, its time you try YEMENI HOUSE, an Arabian cuisine with a twist!! Located in al nasr. Yemeni cuisine is entirely different from the widely known middle eastern cuisine.

Their famous stews are fahsa, salta(national dish), oukda – the brown base meat & chicken stews cooked with vegetables, are served with complimentary crispy huge flat bread which can be used as a spoon to scoop out the stew. this bread is again entirely different from the pita bread and other flat bread served in Arabian cuisine.



The generous offering of food to guest is one of the customs in Yemeni culture and hence bigger portions of meals are served here. The other main dish served in the menu is mandi rice with big portion of meat on top. The meat is from a young and small sized lamb, which literally melts in mouth.



They have majilis style seating on the floor, which can fit a group of 6 in private cabins, in addition to the typical dining indoor and outdoor. Overall it offers a good experience and service, in a calm-full and not so rushed environment.


Every meal is served with complimentary soup,daqos (Yemeni spicy salsa) and black tea,an uniquely flavored which will make you keep coming back for more!

** It costs around 100-120 riyals for two



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